Keeping your neck neutral to lift your hips

Brace your abdominal muscles while keeping your neck neutral Lift your hips.

Keep your elbows close to each other. Keep the front of your hips as neutral as possible. Keep the bottom of your feet in contact with your hands, and hold your belly in with your legs. Repeat the movement in slow, deep and controlled manner. This is another great exercise for strengthening the deep abdominal muscles and the stabilizing muscles.

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It is one of those exercises that you can do at home and do on your lunch break at work, while you walk to your desk from the bathroom or the car and can easily perform it in a quick and simple manner. You don’t need to be doing an abdominal exercise 3 times a week to get results. If you are not doing any exercise, you can start by doing this exercise every day. When to perform this exercise? Whenever you feel stiff, tight, and stressed. Whenever you feel a knot in the stomach. Whenever you get hot or tired. Whenever you feel tense in your back and neck. Whenever you feel bloated. Whenever you feel sleepy. This exercise is a good way to strengthen and increase the flexibility of your abdominal muscles. It is a wonderful way to give your muscles and the area around your abdomen a good work out.

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I hope those of you who are looking for exercises to improve your body, have found this post helpful. Also, if you would like to know or read my previous posts about weight loss, please visit my weight loss posts. I am one of those people who believe in exercising every day. One, because I know that if I do a good job, I am going to drop a lot of fat and I don’t want that. Two, it’s just good for my health. I feel it gives me a better and a healthier body. And three, I have read that studies have shown that the regular exercise makes you feel better about yourself, which makes you perform better in your life, which is very important. Now, I know that I am definitely not the only one out there that knows that exercise is very important. So, why am I sharing it with you? I want you all to have the best health possible. I don’t think it’s that difficult to find a new exercise to do each day that will make you feel great. Not many people walk around carrying around an gym bag full of weights and machines. But many are carrying around a selection of jump ropes to be ready to exercise anytime.